What Can I Do?

(440) 872-6500

     LEARN by contacting one of the following organizations that offer educational awareness programs that can be tailored to your audience.


Bellefaire JCB Homeless and Missing Youth Program


(800) 879-2522

Case Western Reserve School of Law's Human Trafficking Law Clinic

Maya Simek, Director


(216) 368-2766

Collaborative to End Human Trafficking (Programs address both labor and sex trafficking)


​(440) 872-6500

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Project STAR

24-Hour Hotline: 855-431-STAR (7827)

Renee Jones Empowerment Center

(216) 417-0823

SOAP - Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution


​     SHAREwhat you know with family and friends.

​     SUPPORTlocal advocacy groups working on the issue by volunteering or making a financial donation. 
   PAY ATTENTIONto things that just don’t seem right.  Watch for the red flags of human trafficking.  If you see something, report it.