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​​​What Is Human Trafficking? 


It is today’s practice of slavery. It subjects children and adults; women and men; and US citizens and foreign-born persons to involuntary servitude for purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation.

Who Is Trafficked?

​There is no one face to human trafficking.

Those most at risk are children, teens, homeless and missing youth, and vulnerable individuals such as immigrants, foster children, those who are addicted, and those who have been previously abused.

Why Don't They Leave?      


Victims often don't realize they are victims. They don't self-identify due to shame, fear, not understanding that what is being done to them is a crime. They are concerned that they will be seen as criminals.

Project STAR (Northeast Ohio)

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National Human Trafficking Hotline

​(888) 373-7888

Bellefaire JCB Homeless and Missing Youth Program Hotline

(216) 570-8010 

​​​​P.O. Box 11671

 Cleveland, OH 44146

​(440) 872-6500 

​​​​​​Who Are the Traffickers?

​Almost Anyone.

Traffickers prey on vulnerable individuals for financial gain.  They use whatever means necessary to obtain and maintain control of their victims.  They use psychological coercion, physical force, threats, lies and drugs to control their victims.

Does It Happen Here?​​


Human trafficking is a crime that's happening around the world AND right here in Northeast Ohio.